$40,000 Your Month Contest – Binomo

Link – $40,000 Your Month Demo Contest

Prize fund


Participation fee


Cost of rebuy



Maximum balance at the end of the tournament

Starting balance


Number of participants



01.04.2018 07:00 UTC


30.04.2018 17:00 UTC


This event requires a special tournament account. To sign up for the tournament, you must have in your real account an amount greater than the cost of participation, then click on the “Sign up” button. All participants start the competition with the same tournament balance. You can rebuy at any time when your tournament balance is less than 100 ₮. The size of the prize fund depends on the number of participants and rebuys in this tournament. 70% of all participants’ deposits made during the tournament will go to the prize fund. The guaranteed prize fund is $40,000. The prize fund cannot be less than this amount.

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